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Chain Link

A1 Fencing offers two types of chain link fences: The heavy duty variety that is primarily used in commercial applications can also be used to create dog kennels for larger breeds, as well as garden fences. The heavy duty chain link fence is ideal for keeping in bigger dogs like Dobermans or German shepherds because…
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Screens & Slats

Privacy screen comes in various color. WE STOCK green, blue, black and grey, but can also supply beige and red. Slats are also available in a variety of colors and can come with or without wings. Slats are a special order item. Give us a call today at (441) 292-3362 or (441) 735-0134 for a…
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Pool Fencing

We have two types of pool fencing: Planning requires all pools to be fenced. A1 fencing can provide a special fence with an inch and a quarter diamond so children can not put their hands through. It is mandatory to have child proof locks and self closing hinges. A1 Fencing provides all the equipment necessary…
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Security Fencing

Protect Your Property: We can supply barbed wire and razor wire for securing your commercial property. Give us a call today at (441) 292-3362 or (441) 735-0134 for a site visit or email: us to request a quote.
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